Remind to remove the green blade`s protector after installation.

If Not U hook adapter, need to change the adapter.(Remove the U hook first)
The additional adapter were attached, just remove the U hook on the wiper, and
instead of the additional adapters, then it will fit your car very well.(If still not fit, pls kindly contact us, let us know your car`s model make and year, take photos to show the original adapter of your wiper arm, then we can know which style adapter will fit for, the right one will reship with free immediately.


pls kindly check the video how to change:


N PTB adapter:

I&L adapter:

PTB adapter:

U hook beam wiper :

U hook hybrid wiper:

If any problem, contact with our aftersales department
Reship or refund promised, 100% satisfaction promised

Just pls check the tips first:

1: Warranty: Pls kindly REMOVE the green blades`s protector first

2:Turn the wiper angle slightly (counterclockwise) with your hand,
If the installation angle is not right, it will creak, skip and shake
or leaves lots of streaks. Because of the curvature of glass,
adjusting the wiper angle must be carried out at the initial position
of the wiper arm. Otherwise, even adjusting the angle may not
achieve good results.

3: There is invisible dirty on the glass. Solution: Soak the glass by
water and gently touch it back and forth with your hand. If the
glass surface is not smooth, it means that there is foreign body.
Clean glass and wiper blades with soap or toothpaste. If the
traces produced by the wipers are placed under the microscope,
we can see that the surface of the car glass is rough and uneven.
This phenomenon is the accumulation of particulate matter
covered by air and rain in the process of raining. Under the
erosion of rainwater, the appearance of the glass is different from

4:When you installed this wiper already, pls kindly check the buckle
whether buck it very well, sometimes, when the wiper arm is
raised, you will hear a click and the button is released, so you need
to press hard with your hand, and then you will hear a click and
the button will be fastened again, so that the wiper will be firmly
attached to the windshield and there will be nostripes left.

The installation video has been attached, pls kindly check

Best regards & have a nice day
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